Wines and Tasting Notes

2011 Vintage

Across Australia,this was a devastating year.  Record flooding and record rainfall mde it a very difficult vintage in many wine areas.  Ambar Hill is cmmitted to producing premium fruit and premium winesan 2011 was not the year for this.  No wines were produced.


Chardonnay Verdelho 2010

A blend of equal quantities of Chardonnay and Verdelho.  They were hand picked and fermented together. The win continues th dry, fruit driven style of this blend from our vineyards. It is something of a signature blend for the granite Belt.  It a a huge fresh pineapple and passionfruit nose and lovely big fruit flavours - but is actually feremnted very crisp and dry.  A fantastic and elegant summner alternative to the now ubiquitous sauvignon blanc.  

Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 

We had devastating hail storms on Christmas day.  As fruit was lost or damaged we have made only a Cabernet. 

Shiraz 2008

Very late harvest, very high baume.  It was fermented in a mixture of French and American oak.  The fruit was outstanding and the use of good oak should produce another great wine. 

* Gold Medal Class 9 New England Wine show 2009
* Trophy for Best Young Red Wine of the Show New England Wine Show 2009

Chardonnay 2008  (Now sold Out)

In 2008 we produced our first chardonnay as a single varietal. We strongly believe that the Granite Belt is capable of producing some of Australia’s best chardonnays. The grapes were excellent,  hand picked and sorted.  The wine was fermented in new French oak barrels and has just been bottled. 

* Commendation, International Wine challenge, London 2010.
* Australian Small Winemakers 2010 Class 3: Bronze
* New England Wine Show 2011 : Bronze


Shiraz 2007

Again a very late harvest and still picking up medals.


·         Wine State Magazine         5 stars                  

·         New England Wine Show 2008 Bronze

·         Queensland Wine Awards 2008 Bronze

·         Winestate Magazine best of 2009 Annual 2010 Edition   

·         New England Wine Show 2014 Museum red variety or blend Silver



The Samuel Bailey 2007      

A reduced crop was effected by both the extremely cold start to the season with snow and frosts in November, then stressed by the drought.  However, it has produced intense flavours.  The wine was fermented in new French and American oak barrels purchased specially for this premium wine.  it has won many awards, and only a year ago a best in class at a Dan Murphy wine show demonstrates just how well it has matured.


* Winestate Magazine: Best of 2009 Annual Edition 2010  4.5 stars
* Queensland Wine Awards 2009 Bronze
* Australian Small Winemakers Class 44 2008 Bronze
* New England Wine Show 2008 Silver
* Cowra Wine Show 2009 Class 76 Bronze
* Wine State magazine      4 1/2 
* Cowra Wine Show 2010 Class 34 Silver
* Australian Small Winemakers 2010 Class 45 Silver

*Dan Murphy's Highland Vineyards Wine Show 2013 Best of Class and Silver

Stirling Mountain Vintage  2007 Fortified Shiraz

We picked a small quantity of very ripe shiraz late in May for a vintage fortified shiraz.  It is outstanding as is about to be bottled for release over the next 2 decades.

* Australian Small Winemakers 2009 bronze
* New England Wine Show 2009 Class 19 bronze